Trachycarpus nov. ssp. (Nova)

Family: Arecaceae    Palmiye

Ortak Ad: Green Princeps

Bilimsel Eş anlamlılık:
Trachycarpus (Nova)

Soğuk Sağlamlık Bölge: 9a     İngiltere ve ABD dilimi haritalarına

Trachycarpus nov. ssp. (Nova) bilgi

Genel Bilgiler:
This is a new species of Trachycarpus, first misidentified and distributed a decade ago as Trachycarpus princeps. This Trachycarpus species has now been found growing in the wild, as well as in cultivation in the vicinity of the Stone Gate gorge, Gongshan, Yunnan China. There is much debate, considering its vigorous growth as to whether it is a natural hybrid between T. princeps and another species, possibly T. fortunei. It is probably the fastest growing Trachycarpus, producing mature leaves in the first year of growth. Leaves are slender and elongate, green turning slightly pale to whitish underside on very mature leaves. It is not as hardy to cold as true T. princeps. It is uncertain just how hardy, but should show some hardiness to cold coming as it does from considerable elevation in the Yunnan mountains of China.


Başlangıçta gelen, China

Yer: China (28.039194°N, 98.590538°E)

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