Lepidorrhachis mooreana

Family: Arecaceae    Palmiye

Ortak Ad: Little Mountain Palm

Bilimsel Eş anlamlılık:
Kentia mooreana, Clinostigma mooreanum

Soğuk Sağlamlık Bölge: 9b     İngiltere ve ABD dilimi haritalarına

Lepidorrhachis mooreana bilgi

Trunk 4-6 ft. (1.2-1.8 m). Comes from Lord Howe Island in Australia where it grows only on top of 2 mountains often enveloped in cloud, at and above approximately 800 metres in the cool moist atmosphere which is found there.

Genel Bilgiler:
A small to medium sized pinnate palm with a short green-brown crownshaft. Renowned for its difficulty in cultivation, mainly because it comes from a very, cool and humid difficult to recreate envinronment. Only dose well in full sun.


Başlangıçta gelen, Australia

The entire distribution of Lepidorrhachis falls within a permanent park preserve, which is also part of the Lord Howe Island UNESCO World Heritage Site. Tourists are permitted to visit the plateau only when accompanied by an approved guide.

Yer: Lord Howe Island Australia (-31.562944°N, 159.090271°E)

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