Aloe hexapetala

Family: Xanthorrhoeaceae   

Ortak Ad: Tilt-head Aloe

Ortak ad Eş anlamlılık:
Slaphoringaalwyn, Limp Horn Aloe, Spaanaalwyn

Soğuk Sağlamlık Bölge: 8b     İngiltere ve ABD dilimi haritalarına

Aloe hexapetala bilgi

Plants are not solitary and occur in great numbers in the wild. Untidy rosettes are formeed on single-stemmed or branched stems that can reach a height of between 3 to 6 meters. Rosettes are tilted to one side. Leaves are blue-green in colour, leaves are long and narrow and up to 900 mm in length. The leaf margins are a pinkish colour and they are armed with numerous small teeth. Inflorescence is simple, the peduncles are short making it appear as if the racemes are borne directly from the rosettes. Racemes are quite short and densely packed with numerous flowers. Up to four inflorescences can be borne from as single rosette. Racemes are conical in shape. Buds are usually an orange colour that changes to a greenish-white colour when the flower opens. Stigma and styles protrude from the relatively short flowers.

Genel Bilgiler:
Tolerates moderate frost. Plant Aloe speciosa in an area with well-draining soil, this will help fingal infections from damaging the plant.


Başlangıçta gelen, South Africa

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