Aloe africana

Family: Xanthorrhoeaceae   

Ortak Ad: Uitenhaagsaalwyn

Bilimsel Eş anlamlılık:
Aloe perfoliata var. africana, Pachidendron africanum, Aloe pseudoafricana, Aloe africana var. angustior, Aloe africana var. latifolia, Aloe angustifolia, Pachidendron angustifolium, Aloe bolusii

Ortak ad Eş anlamlılık:
Uitenhage Aloe

Soğuk Sağlamlık Bölge: 9a     İngiltere ve ABD dilimi haritalarına

Aloe africana bilgi

A solitary stem of between two and four meters is formed, leaves are perisitent and the old leaves are visible on the stem. Leaves are spreading and recurved, they are a dull green to green in colour, leaf surfaces may have a few reddish spines present, leaf margins are armed with sharp red spines. The inflorescences can be single or branched into 2 to 4 racemes that are strongly tapered. Buds are a yellow to orange colour while the flowers are a yellow colour, flowers are upturned with the stamen and style protruding from the mouth of the flower.

Genel Bilgiler:
Aloe africana does well in gardens. Grow plants in areas with good drainage to help prevent rot.


Başlangıçta gelen, South Africa

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